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College Pathways

College Pathways

  • New this year: A workshop to support students who aren’t sure about their direction (and why being “undeclared” is totally OK).

Financial aid forms workshops

  • Four CCV locations on March 5 for students & parents to file the FAFSA and VT grant applications.

Scholarship info

  • Deadline: March 6.

Financial aid training

Upcoming events

Note: Keynote for the Transition and Career Planning Conference on May 28, 2015, at Lake Morey Resort will be David Ruff, facilitator of the Vermont Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) work group. Several workshops will focus on PLP implementation.


In the spotlight

What are the PLP Critical Elements?

By November 2015, every seventh and ninth grade student in Vermont is required to have a personalized learning plan (PLP) addressing the “Critical Elements.” Just what are these, and how did they come about?

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After the passage of Act 77, the Vermont Agency of Education convened a work group comprised of students, teachers, principals, superintendents, school counselors, and other interested parties. This group was tasked with outlining the minimum components, known as Critical Elements, needed for a PLP to be in alignment with state statutes. These components outline items such as a student’s strengths, abilities and skills, results of career assessments, and individual student goals.

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