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Wanted: Student videos for Career Planning Conference Video Keynote Project: The theme for this year’s Career Planning Conference on May 11, 2016, at Lake Morey Resort is “Your Story, Your Path: How Our Stories Shape Our Direction.” For the keynote, student videos will highlight how students have gained insight and experience in their path toward graduation (and careers). Students whose videos are selected receive a $50 VISA gift card. Deadline to submit student videos: Tuesday, April 15. Details: http://www.vsacnews.org/2016/03/16/update-update-update-update-update-2016-career-planning-conference-video-keynote-project/.


College-planning opportunities: The last two College Pathways 2016 conferences are on April 2 at Castleton University and April 4 at Lyndon State College (with the NEK college fair). Please encourage your students and parents to attend! Walk-ins are welcome. Details: www.vsac.org/collegepathways.

More than 700 juniors, sophomores, and parents came to the event on March 19 at Saint Michael's College.
Quote from a student about the day:
“College seemed very intimidating and very scary. I wasn’t sure what the process was like or basically anything about college. This series of seminars has really helped me feel comfortable with the idea and the thought of college.”


FAFSA push: Did you know that in Vermont, high school graduates missed out on about $5.5 million in free federal Pell grants last year? That’s because about half our high school graduates didn’t complete the FAFSA. The average federal grant for eligible students is $3,546 -- a lot of money to leave on the table for about 30 minutes of work. Please remind families to complete the FAFSA and the Vermont state grant, available to Vermont students enrolled full- or part-time. Learn more at www.vsac.org/fafsafirst. Read our press release: http://www.vsacnews.org/2016/03/14/have-you-fafsad-yet/.



Upcoming events
  • Transition and Career Planning Conference at Lake Morey Resort, Wednesday, May 11, 2016. Registration opens April 1.

  • Interested in regional Naviance and PLP events? Contact us at naviance@vsac.org or 802-654-3782 for more information.


In the spotlight

VSAC releases new research briefing on Vermont's Class of 2012

Highlights and challenges for pursuing a postsecondary education follows the cohort of students who graduated from both Vermont's public and private high schools and reports on their paths 18 months later. Find out how our Vermont students mirror and differ from national trends in college aspiration, enrollment, and continuation.

Articles of interest

  • Filabot. Check out the machine that's changing the face of 3D printing and helping the environment.
  • VT economy weaker than thought. Vermont’s labor force growth — the number of people either working or looking for work — was also lower than we originally thought. The preliminary estimates showed the labor force falling by 1,500 last year. The recent revisions show the labor force declined by twice that.
  • Staying close to home. Most public two-year college students attend local colleges.


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