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The Vermont Advantage
VSAC’s fixed-rate education loans for students and parents
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Low-cost financing for undergraduate and graduate education for Vermont students: out-of-state students attending VT colleges and VT residents attending college in the U.S. and abroad.

Need a loan for academic year 2016-2017? Rates and applications will be available in May.
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See what the Vermont Advantage can do for you.

With VSAC, you get ...

  • your choice of student or parent loans – NEW!
  • a fixed interest rate as low as 5.50% APR, based on the repayment option you select
  • local service from Vermont’s nonprofit higher education organization

Not sure which loan to choose? Consider ...

Who will be the borrower?


The student is the borrower, with a cosigner (often a parent). The loan is in both the student’s and cosigner’s names and appears on the student’s and cosigner’s credit reports. The cosigner may be released from responsibility for the loan after 48 months of active repayment, if the borrower meets VSAC’s credit criteria.

The parent is the borrower. The loan is in the parent’s name and appears on the parent’s credit report.

How soon can you begin repaying your loan?

Your choice of repayment option determines your interest rate.

Your choice of three repayment options.

Your choice of two repayment options.
  • Immediate: start principal and interest payments right away
    5.50% fixed interest rate
    APR of 5.50% to 6.28%
  • Interest only: make monthly interest payments while enrolled
    5.90% fixed interest rate
    APR of 5.90% to 6.51%
  • Deferred: begin repayment after enrollment ends
    6.80% fixed interest rate
    APR of 6.55% to 7.08%
  • Immediate: start principal and interest payments right away
  • 5.50% fixed interest rate
    APR of 5.50% to 6.28%
  • Delayed: begin repayment 12 months after loan is fully disbursed
  • 6.80% fixed interest rate
    APR of 6.76% to 7.46%

Both loans accrue interest from the first disbursement through the life of the loan. Current interest rates are available for complete applications received through May 4, 2016.
Both Vermont Advantage loans have lower interest rates than the federal Direct PLUS and may be better financing options, depending on your situation.


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