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Scholarships for Vermonters

Scholarships, like grants are forms of "gift aid," meaning there is no obligation (under most circumstances) to repay the funds. While grants are generally awarded according to financial need, scholarships are typically based on factors unique to each scholarship. These may include residency, degree program or major, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and in some cases, financial need. Scholarships, unlike grants, are competitive, meaning that eligible applicants compete for a limited number of awards.

Where To Look For Scholarships

  • Locally – your high school, businesses, clubs, or town officials
  • Your college or university
  • VSAC's scholarships booklet — info on more than 140 scholarships available to Vermont residents for the 2016-2017 college year.

    For a printed copy of the booklet, visit your high school guidance office or use our online order form to receive a copy through the mail.

  • On the Web
VSAC’s presentation on scholarships


How To Apply For VSAC-Assisted Scholarships

Are you applying for the 2016-2017 college year? After January 1, complete the online Unified Scholarship Application.

  1. Log in to your myVSAC account or create a myVSAC account.
    1. Click on "Apply for Scholarships" in the Scholarships box on the left.
    2. Click on "Unified Scholarship Application (USA)" under "Submit Scholarship Application" on the right, and follow the directions.
  2. After you’ve completed your USA online, submit required documents (such as letter, essay, or official transcript) to VSAC:
    1. Log into your myVSAC account.
    2. Click on “Apply for Scholarships” in the Scholarships box on the left.
    3. Click on “Submit Required Documents” under "Upload Scholarship Documents" on the right, and follow the directions.
    If you’re unable to submit your required documents online, you can mail them to VSAC.

Are you renewing for the 2015-2016 college year?

  1. The online USA is no longer available for the current year. Please print, fill out, and mail in the PDF version. Use these reference sheets in order to complete the paper application.

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Application Deadlines For VSAC-Assisted Scholarships

Please note: The deadline for all VSAC-assisted scholarships has passed for the 2016–2017 college year. Deadlines for other scholarships listed on pages 36-45 of the scholarships booklet extend through July 30. In the booklet, you’ll find application instructions for each of those scholarships.

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Scholarships For Foster-Care Youth

VSAC administers three scholarship programs created specifically for individuals who are, or were, in foster care under the custody of the Vermont Commissioner of the Department for Children and Families under specified conditions.

  • The Emily Lester Vermont Opportunity Scholarship
  • Vermont John H. Chafee Education and Training Scholarship

Print our information sheet (PDF), which describes eligibility criteria and the application process.

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General Tips

  • Request a copy of the VSAC scholarships booklet to identify scholarships for which you meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Check with your high school guidance office, and/or local community organizations, for a list of any local or community scholarship opportunities.
  • Before applying for scholarships, contact the schools to which you are applying; find out how receiving a scholarship might affect your overall financial aid.
  • Be sure to submit all required documents, in addition to the scholarship application, for the VSAC-assisted scholarships for which you are applying.
  • Beware of scholarship scams. Call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 or visit their website www.ftc.gov, and click on Consumer Protection for more information.

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Scholarship Tools

View VSAC’s online presentation “Understanding the Scholarships Process"

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