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The Vermont Scholarship Funds seeks donors who want to establish scholarship funds that reflect the ways they want to help people.

The Vermont Scholarship Fund is actively engaged in increasing the amount of new funding available to provide scholarships for Vermonters. We work with donors all across Vermont who want to create scholarship funds that reflect their personal commitment to help students obtain higher education. Donors may establish annual or endowed scholarships through the Vermont Scholarship Fund.

The Vermont Scholarship Fund staff listens carefully to the donors with whom they meet; they are well-schooled in asking the kinds of questions that will result in a scholarship program that is consistent with each donor's desires.

All gifts to the Vermont Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible.

Scholarships established with the Vermont Scholarship Fund are administered by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). VSAC currently administers almost $6.5 million in scholarships on an annual basis to approximately 3,000 Vermonters.

When you establish your named scholarship with the Vermont Scholarship Fund, VSAC will: